It has been estimated that greater than 19 million children are involved in youth baseball in the United States. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has also concluded that more baseball related fatalities occur in the 5-14 year old age group than in any other sport. The two scenarios documented by the CPSC focus on the impact of a baseball to a child's head and chest. It has also been estimated that softball and baseball cause more injuries leading to emergency room visits in the United States than any other sport. See Analysis and Comparison of Head Impacts Using Baseballs of Various Hardness and a Hybrid III Dummy.

Baseball is a sport with inherent risks. Participation in the sport implies acceptance of the risk of injury. Helmets have traditionally been used to reduce the risk of injury from direct impact to the head for batters and runners. However, the risk of head injury for nonhelmeted baseball players in Youth Baseball Leagues has not been addressed. Young pitchers and infielders, especially, are vulnerable to direct impacts from baseballs that are hit from aluminum bats and throws from other fielders.

Aluminum bats used in Youth Baseball have been shown in some studies to increase the batted ball speed and rebound of baseballs. Youths that have slower reflexes may be unable to respond as well to these increased speeds. In addition, softer baseballs have been shown in studies to reduce the risk of injury from impact to the head.

Most recently, after an unfortunate and catastrophic head injury to a minor league third base coach, Major League Baseball (MLB) has changed their rules to protect first and third base coaches. As of the 2008 season, MLB third and first base coaches must now wear helmets.

Protection for nonhelmeted youth baseball players that does not inhibit their play, provides ventilation and can be used with their ever-changing uniforms at a reasonable price for parents has not been addressed. HeadGuard by SportsGuard is protection in the form of a light-weight, comfortable sports guard for nonhelmeted baseball players at a reasonable price.