Distribution and dispersion of force at the impact-zone are concepts at the heart of SportsGuard's unique pod-designs and material with variable density technology.

All SportsGuard products are made with unique Pod-Designs in combination with state-of-the-art materials of specific densities offering an exceptional combination of force dampening, durability and comfort. The HeadGuard and StealthGuard have been tested at a major university and shown to be effective in significantly reducing the force of impact. 

The protection-pods™ are made with a range of densities tailored to the protection level/body part being "guarded". These pods are strategically positioned and webbed together with Cool-Plus™ fiber to distribute the energy away from the impact zone. Dispersion and distribution of the force allows for a reduction in force away from the impact-zone.

The materials are safe for young athletes, latex and lead free, and allow for excellent ventilation, moisture resistance, wicking and breathability.


Similarly, the StealthGuard which is protection for the heart, is designed with strategically placed protection pods with a varying density to provide its unique impact zone protection.

The StealthGuard comes with TWO Velco Fabric Fusion patches that attach to any shirt e.g. short sleeve spring fall ball and long sleeve fall ball. It is more comfortable than many comparable items which are designed with hard plastic shells and only itchy nylon sleeveless shirts.

The StealthGuard is designed to attach to any of your own TWO shirts turning them into heart shields and state of the art protective sportswear. It is lightweight, breathable, moisture resistant, latex free, soft and comfortable.

SportsGuard Technology


SportsGuard Technology


Protection pods with specific material densities and Cool Plus Fiber on  the SportsGuards as shown on the HeadGuard pictured here create this unique design.

SportsGuard Technology


The XGrip is a state of the art batting grip system.  It helps Increase performance and reduces sting. Designed with a unique cushioned pod and tread construction it is comfortable and self-adhesive so it can be applied to any bat.